Administration guide

How to configure and customize experience programs using the Digital Web Command Center

Digital, a native component of Experience Cloud, provides tools for companies to capture customer feedback from web visitors. Digital is purpose-built for in-the-moment experiences. The solution is optimized for performance across all digital properties and keeps pace with customers' constantly changing behaviors to effectively engage them with digital experiences. Additionally, Digital provides deep analytics across a unified view of the customer experience.

Once your web dev team integrates Digital Web into a site, product managers, experience managers, and marketers are able to administer the experience program without code changes. This reduces engineering overhead and avoids having to publish a new version of the web site to make experience program changes.

Some of the common scenarios implemented using the Medallia Web are:
  • Surveying users following the completion of important journeys, for example after completing a purchase.
  • Adding an "always on" feedback menu item.

Digital administrators use the Digital Command Center to configure the experience program, designing surveys and targeting the relevant segment at just the right moment. The feedback program is modified in real-time to capture the signals you need to manage your experiences.