Conditional display

Conditional Display lets surveys adapt dynamically, based on a variety of factors including answers to other questions, URLs, provided scores on grading fields and so on. Conditional display is available for all survey elements, for example a different graphic could be displayed based on browser region for localized branding, or only VIP users could be invited to provide additional feedback.

The following example uses conditional display so that the Feedback subject dropdown is only displayed when the respondee gives the product a rating of at least 3.

  1. Click the Edit Form icon for the survey in survey management.

  2. In the survey editor, click to select the specific survey component which should be displayed based on a condition. The Field Settings tab opens for that component. In this example, Field Settings options appear for the Drop Down component named 'Page 1 select 96209'.

  3. Click the edit icon to the right of the Conditional Display option at the bottom of Field Settings.

    Field Settings edit icon.

  4. In the Conditional Display dialog, the Display current field if list contains all of the survey's fields. Select the field on which you want to base a condition (in this example, the field is 'Rating').

    Selecting field on which to base a condition.

    Important: This feature is available upon request. Ask your Medallia expert to file a Feature activation request with Medallia Support.
    If you are using the advanced conditional display feature, for the first condition, Display current field if list contains any attached custom parameters in addition to all of the survey's fields. Only the custom parameters attached to this survey are available. Select a custom parameter to base the rule on, for example to detect a VIP respondee. It is not possible to combine rules and custom parameters, custom parameters are only shown in for the first condition.
  5. Select an option in the Choose rule dropdown (in this example, the rule is 'Greater Than'). Then provide a value for the rule to evaluate. In this example, the value is '2', which means the Rating value must be greater than 2. When this rule is satisfied, by a rating of 3 or higher, then this survey component is displayed.

    Selecting a rule and entering a value to configure Conditional Display.

  6. Click Ok. The rule has been configured so that the Feedback subject dropdown is displayed when a customer provides a rating of 3 or more, as follows:

    Conditional Display feature.