Form folders management tool

The form folders management tool is available in the left panel on the main Digital screen. Use this tool to organize surveys by creating new folders, adding and moving surveys to folders, as well as renaming and deleting folders.

Form folders management.

Create a new folder (1)
Click the plus icon to create a new folder that appears in the Folders panel.
Home (2)
Unique folder to which all existing surveys are added. This folder cannot be deleted or renamed.
<number> (3)
Number of surveys inside the folder.
Context menu (4)
Hover over a folder to view the context menu. Select Rename or Delete from this menu to open the dialog for that specific action. If a survey is published or locked, it cannot be deleted unless a user is assigned the 'CS Group manager' permission level. Deleting a folder deletes all surveys contained in the folder; this action cannot be undone.
Check box (5)
Select this check box to select or deselect all of the surveys as a group. To move one or more surveys from one folder to another, select the check boxes for those surveys you want to move and drag them to the destination folder.