Adding CSS to surveys and invitations

Digital allows for customization of surveys and invitations through the use of CSS. This section shows how to associate a CSS file with a survey or invitation.

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Digital surveys use CSS files that must be hosted on a web server on a publicly accessible internet address. Additionally, the CSS files must be configured to use HTTPS. CSS files can be hosted on Content Delivery Network (CDN), which ensures optimal performance and low latency loading. See your Medallia expert for additional information.

Customizing surveys

To add a customized CSS file to a survey:

  1. Click the Edit Form icon for a specific survey in either card or list view, then click Form Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

    Form Settings.

  2. Click the Form Design tab. Enter the URL location of the CSS file in the Custom CSS field. The following is an example:

    Custom CSS field for a survey.

  3. Click Save Changes.

Note: Apply CSS customizations to a specific survey only when that survey is actively being edited.

Customizing invitations

To add a customized CSS file to an invitation:

  1. Click the Configure Targeting Options icon for a specific invitation in either card or list view.

  2. Click the Advanced tab. Enter the full HTTPS URL for the location and name of the custom CSS file in the Use a Custom CSS file field.

    Custom CSS field for an invitation.

  3. Click Save Changes.