Targeting surveys

Each survey in Medallia Digital provides targeting options that control how the survey functions as part of the website. Surveys are assigned a trigger, which determines the options available for targeting, such as who receives the survey. The different trigger types also have different design options.

Digital surveys can be triggered in various ways, for example by an always-on feedback button, after a behavior such as an abandoned purchase, be limited to a certain percentage of visitors, depend on a cookie and so on. Multiple surveys can be published for a property, for example a survey invite targeting all visitors who viewed more than 3 pages while another survey targets only VIP visitors who have not returned after a time.

To configure targeting for a survey, click the Configure Targeting Options icon for survey in either card or list view.

Configure Targeting Options for a survey in list view.

When you change the trigger type, any current targeting settings and translations are deleted. To avoid losing data, the Switch trigger mode dialog opens.Confirming the switch of trigger mode.
Important: Only click OK if you are sure you can lose the existing settings. Alternatively, create a duplicate survey and change its trigger type.