Media Library

The Media Library is the default view of a Medallia Video channel. It displays all media in a channel and has tools to help users find media files, manage media, and export data.

See the following topics about tools available in the Media Library:

Media Library display

The Media Library displays up to 24 media items per page.

By default, the Newest uploaded content appears in the upper left corner of the first page. Media files are displayed in reverse chronological order from left to right, top row to bottom row. Media can also be organized in the chronological order. From the Sort: menu, select Oldest to see the oldest media files first.

If a channel has more than 24 media items, page numbers are available in the lower right of the screen to scroll between different pages of media. Click a page number, or click < or > to select a different page.

Media Library thumbnail

After media uploads, it takes a few moments to process. During this time, the Media Library thumbnail image is grey with the message Processing...

Once processed, the thumbnail image shows a still from a video, the uploaded image, or the label Audio Recording for audio files.

Each media thumbnail displays:

  • Media title
  • Media description if available
  • Upload date
  • Upload time
  • Language
  • Media type icon
  • Media length (audio & video)
  • A share icon if media is Shared content
  • A blur icon if media has Blurring