Medallia Digital Anywhere 20DCR2 release notes


  • Digital Anywhere implementations can now use their own dedicated property type instead of a mobile property. This new property type enables the following:
    • Simple separation of other properties in the same account.

    • Dedicated look and feel as well as a good baseline for future Digital Anywhere features.

  • The Digital Anywhere property type admin UI is now aligned with Digital Anywhere capabilities and supported features. This new UI removes irrelevant configuration options and enables simple survey configuration to reduce confusion between Digital Anywhere and mobile implementations as well as enhance user clarity.

  • Digital Anywhere Form Translations is now available for the Early Adopters Program (EAP). Form Translations details include the following:
    • It supports multi-languages configuration in a single survey.

    • This feature is relevant mainly to dynamic implementations, but it can also serve static implementations that want to report on the displayed survey language.

    • Medallia supports ISO standards to enable a clear and well defined language format (ISO 639-1 for language codes and ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 for country codes).

    • Translation settings and controls are the same as those for Web properties, which aligns with Digital offerings and allows for easy feature setup.

    • Enabling Digital Anywhere translations automatically sets the configured language in Medallia Experience Cloud, which enables Experience Cloud translations and multi-language Text Analytics capabilities.