Launching surveys

When you are ready to send out your invitations or activate your survey links, you can launch your survey.

Complete these final checks:

  • Go over your survey one last time. Check it for accuracy, typing errors, and make sure you've asked all of the relevant questions.
  • Select at least one distribution method and check the settings of this method.
  • Import your contacts into the survey.
  • Check whether each contact has a valid mail address.
  • Test your survey. Multiple times. We cannot stress this enough.

When these checks are complete, you can launch your survey by completing the following steps:

  1. Open your survey.
  2. Select Distribute > Launch survey.

    Launch survey.

  3. Select the start date and end date. Then click Launch survey.

    Launch details.

The survey will now launch on the date and time indicated.

Your invitations or sms text messages will be sent automatically. If you have another distribution channel, make sure to send or publish the links.