Create, edit, and launch surveys

The surveys page appears after you sign in. It shows all of the surveys you have created and those that have been shared with you.

When you first sign in, the Recent View will appear showing surveys that you have recently worked on, surveys that were recently modified, and surveys that were recently answered.

Surveys page overview.

  1. Create a new survey.

  2. Special views to find surveys.

  3. Custom folders to organize surveys. Right-click for more options.

  4. Search in surveys by name, owner, status date, etc.

  5. Click a column header to sort. Click again to reverse the sort.

  6. List of surveys in the view or folder selected on the left. Select a survey to open it. Use the checkboxes to select rows or or right-click for other actions. You can also drag surveys to different folders.

  7. Download the survey list as a spreadsheet.

  8. Select the columns you want to see in the current view or folder.

Showing or hiding columns

Each view has different columns that are shown by default. For instance, in a view like Live, which shows live surveys, the status column is not shown since all the surveys in that list have the same status. You can override this behavior and choose which columns are shown for a specific view by selecting the settings icon at the top right of the list. Folders are seen as one view, so any column changes you make in one folder will affect all folders.

Exporting survey lists

To download the current list into a spreadsheet, click Export in the top right of the list. The download will contain all of the columns even if they are not selected. You can do this, for example, when you want a record of the surveys created in the previous year.

Creating custom folders

If you have many surveys, you can organize them into folders. Create a new folder by clicking on the plus button on the left side under the views. To nest a new folder in an existing folder, click on the three dots next to the folder in which you would like to place the new folder and select New folder. You can then drag one or more surveys into the folder. You can also drag folders to move them under different folders.


Use the search bar to quickly find surveys by their name, owner, dates, and more. Type any part of the survey name into the box to search the folder or view you are in. If you need to perform a more complex search, use the dropdown at the end of the search box for more options.