Distribute surveys using various channels

Medallia Agile Research offers a range of distribution channels from which to collect answers. Use different channels together to maximize response while still tracking respondent sources.

These distribution channels are available:

  • Email — Import contacts, create an email invitation, and then send each contact a personalized email with a link to the survey. This allows you to see who has responded, to register bounces, and to send reminders.

  • Web — There are several ways to gather responses on the web, such as floating pop-ups, embedding a survey in your website, or a link to your survey on any web page or in a newsletter.

  • Social mediaAgile Research automatically generates short URLs that you can share on social media sites like X (formerly known as Twitter), Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. This allows you to quickly find respondents and collect responses.

  • Letter / flyer — Send letters or pass out flyers with a QR code and short URL that lead to your survey. Agile Research generates the QR codes and short URLs for you.

  • Telephone — Invite people to participate in your survey by calling them and posing your questions over the phone. You can also dictate to them a URL so that they can fill out the survey online.

  • Kiosk — Place a kiosk (with touch screen or keyboard) at a trade show, an open house, in a museum, etc. You can configure how many seconds the screen automatically jumps back to the start page.

  • Call center — Use a call center to collect your responses. Trained interviewers provide a personalized approach in multiple languages.