Send customized SMS survey invitations

One of the invitation methods Agile Research provides is to send out your survey invitations via text message (SMS). Before proceeding with the next steps, make sure you've imported your contacts without an email address and that you've added a mobile phone number for each contact in the Phone field.

Additionally, make sure the mobile number has the correct format. Each number has to start with the international calling code (preceded by a plus sign) and have absolutely no spaces.


For a US or Canadian mobile number, the format would be +11231234567

For a Belgian mobile number,the format would be +32123456789

Note: SMS sends are not available in Singapore.

Activating the distribution channel

  1. Open your survey.
  2. Select Distribute > Add / Remove channel.
  3. Select SMS (text message).
  4. Click Save.

  5. If you haven't already done so while importing the contacts, add your contacts to the survey.

Setting up the survey invitations via text message

Using SMS, you can send out personalized invitations using variables.

  1. In the Distribute overview, select SMS settings.
  2. You can configure the following options
    • Language — If you've created a multilingual survey. you can enter a separate message for each language here.
    • From — Enter a name. If there are no restrictions in the country of the recipient, the name will be shown; otherwise, the phone number of the SMS gateway provider will be shown. To learn more about these restrictions per country, click here.

    • Message — Type the message you want your contacts to receive here. Make sure you don't remove the variable {{contact.surveyUrl}}. This variable will become the short URL to you survey once you send out the text messages. Also take into account the maximum number of characters.

    • Reminders — Optionally, you can set up a reminder. This is a second message that will be sent after a certain number of days (decided by you). Here, too, you can change the message content per language.

      SMS settings.

  3. Click Save.

As soon as you launch the survey, Agile Research will send personalized text messages to all your recipients inviting them to participate in your survey. If they have a smartphone, they can open it by touching the link. The others can type the short URL into the web browser of their computer.