Mobile apps

Embed surveys in mobile apps

App makers need feedback from their users. Use Medallia Agile Research to generate a survey and then embed the survey in your app. Using the same kind of code you would use to request a review for the app store, ask users to fill in a survey. Since the survey is coming from our servers, you can change the questions without updating your app.


Keep it short. Mobile respondents will only give you about two minutes. This survey will be completed exclusively on small screens so we suggest using simple question types. Avoid wide matrix question types, as these are more difficult to complete on a small screen. Don't use a back button as the survey is short and it gives a second target the respondent might click.


Modify the survey design to match your app. It should seem seamless to the user. Test the survey. The user should not be aware that the survey is a web page. It should seem like part of the app.

Tracking data

You are going to want to link the responses to your user data. To do this, you will need to add one or more parameters to the survey URL. For instance: user id, app version, phone model, etc. See Using querystring parameters to prefill survey questions for additional information.

Using multiple surveys

All app users are different. Different users will be in different positions in the user lifecycle. Some are using your app for the first time, others are heavy users and others have not used your app in while. They each need a different survey. For instance, if a user has not opened your app in a while, try adding a badge to trigger the user to open the app. Once they do, show them a short survey asking why. If you want feedback about using the app, wait until after a few interactions at least before showing the call to action.

Closing the loop

Set up real-time notifications to find out right away if someone is unhappy. Use dashboards and NPS to track satisfaction. Listen to the user feedback and address their concerns.


To embed the survey in your app, use the right object. In Xcode you use the 'WKWebView' object; in Android, it is the 'WebView' object. Set the URL of the object to your survey URL including the extra meta-data parameters. Set the height and width to fill the container. Leave a close option in case the user wants to close the survey before they finish. Register the event so that you do not show that user the same survey for at least 90 days.

Once a respondent has completed the survey, we will post a message surveyCompleted to the appInterface. If you capture this message, you can close the WebView component and the respondent can continue using your app without the need to manually close the survey.