Matrix questions

To add a matrix question to your survey, complete the following steps:

  1. Add a new question to your survey and select a matrix question type.

    Matrix question types.

  2. Add your main question in the Description box. Then add your sub-questions, which are the column headers of your table. Add each sub-question separately to one of the text boxes under Sub-Questions (Rows). Click Add new Sub-Question (Row) to add more sub-questions.

    Click Add new Sub-Question (Row) under Other Sub-Questions (Rows) to add an open text field where respondents can add another option besides the ones you already listed.

    If you're copying multiple sub-questions from a Word (or other type of) document, paste them in bulk by clicking Add in bulk.

    Matrix description and sub-questions.

    To move sub-question to a different position, select the sub-question and drag it to the desired position.

    Move a sub-question.

    Hide sub-questions from respondents by clicking the eye icon to the right of the answer field. Click the icon again to make the question choice visible. If your survey is live, moving and answer choices will not influence your reports.

    To delete a sub-question, click the trash icon to the right of the answer field.
    Important: If you delete a sub-question, you will permanently delete all answers to that specific choice. If your survey is live, it is recommended that you hide the sub-questione instead of deleting it.
  3. Add the column headers, which are the answer choices. These can be a rating scale but also regular text. Add these per text box separately, just like you did for the rows. Click Add new column to add more answer choices.

    If you're copying multiple answer choices from a Word (or other type of) document, paste them in bulk by clicking Add in bulk.

    Select Add a "None Applicable" column header to add an escape. A text field appears where you can change the wording if you want.

    Matrix columns.

    You can use images as answer choices or a combination of images and text. You can use images that are already uploaded into your media library or you can upload them while adding or editing the question. To do this, click in the text box for the answer choice and select Insert media.

    Insert media.

  4. See Adding scoring to surveys, Prefilling survey questions, and Adding question display logic to surveys for details about the Score, Prefill, and Display logic tabs.