Using images in social media surveys

Posting your survey on social media can ensure that you reach your targeted audience and increase your response rate. You can share your survey via multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter), and WhatsApp.

xTo make your survey stands out on social media, set an image, description and title that will be used in your social media post or on messaging platforms. With an image, your survey will grab the attention of the audience and the description can be used to encourage people to share the survey or talk about an incentive they might get from participating in your survey.

Once you have selected an image, the image will be placed correctly using Open Graph HTML markup.

Best practices for adding images on social media

Your image is shown when you share your survey on social media or in a messaging platform, like WhatsApp. It's similar to the featured image in WordPress. Using an image can increase the shareability of your post and the amount of respondents to your survey. Consider the best practices below.

Use an image that is relevant

Make sure that the image you share is relevant to the content you're posting and gives the reader more information about what your survey is about.

Size of the image

When selecting an image, keep in mind the ideal size is 1200×628 pixels. If you upload a picture that is a different size, it will be cropped and might not show what you planned.

Use a high-quality image

Check your image on multiple devices. If not, change it to an image with more pixels.

Customize your image with text

By adding an image to a post, you'll increase the engagement, no matter which social media platform you use. I you also add some text on the image, this will increase the engagement even more as your post will stand out and people are more likely to read what's on the picture instead of the associated title and description

Ownership of the image

Make sure that you only share images that you own. You can create every piece of content yourself, but you can also have a look at websites that have stock photos and work with these images

Optimize your image to boost engagement

Carefully selecting the image to share will make your content look more appealing and encourage people to stop scrolling. With the right image, you can grab the attention of your audience which will boost your engagement.

Adding an image, description, and title

  1. Open your survey.
  2. Select Settings > Appearance.

  3. Select Image for social media sharing.

  4. Select Media library and select an image or upload a new one. Enter a title and description for the image.

    Image for social media sharing.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Share your survey on social media.

Clearing the cache of social media platforms

You've created your survey and decided to share your survey online, only to realize that you used the wrong image. You quickly change the image and share your content again. But, you still see the old image. In this case, you must clear the cache.

Social media platforms use a system called caching. Caching means that the meta data of your content is saved for around 30 days, although this time can vary between the different platforms. Social media platforms save this content to decrease the loading time of the different pages and, therefore, increase the experience for the user, scrolling through their social media.

Clear the cache from the platform you're using. Below, you can find the websites where you can clear your Facebook cache, X cache, and LinkedIn cache. After you've done this, the last version of your content will show online.