Video channels

A channel is a media folder where users can search for, filter, and create showreels. Each project has its one channel, and each user has a default channel.

A channel is a media folder in Video. Users can search for, filter, and create showreels with media in a channel. There is no limit to the number of file uploads to a channel.

It is best practice to create a new channel for each project run in Video. For information on how to create a new channel, see Creating a new channel.

A channel's default view is the Media Library.

Every Video user has a Default channel. This is the channel that loads after login to the platform and is named in the top banner. The Default channel is typically the first channel a user has access to and may appear despite creating subsequent channels.

LivingLens Media Library top banner.

Click Change Channel to view all channels you have access to. To select a different channel:

  1. In the channel modal window, search for a channel in the Filter Channels field.

  2. Select a channel.

  3. Click View. This loads the selected channel in Video.

Users with multiple customers can filter the list of channels by customer.

  1. In the channel modal window, open the Customer menu by clicking All Customers.

  2. Search or scroll for any customer you have access to.

  3. Select a Customer to load all channels you have access to within the Customer group.

  4. Select a channel.

  5. Click View. This loads the selected channel in Video.

Example ways to use a channel

These are example use cases for a Video channel:
  • A single channel for all media (may be called a Brand Hub). Use Filters to organize and navigate to different media subsets within the channel.
  • Create multiple channels for different groups within a company, such as by team, department, sub-brand or product.
  • Use a channel for each research project.
  • Video Experience Edition — each video question in a Medallia survey automatically creates a unique Video channel.

Creating a new channel

Customer Admin users can create new channels for their organization. For more information, see Channel management.

If your account does not have a Customer Admin user, contact Video Support via Medallia Knowledge Center to request a new channel.

  1. Log into your Knowledge Center account at

  2. Click Contact Support > Video > Channel Request.

  3. Fill out all information that's requested including project name, languages, and users who need access.

    Under Pro Users, list everyone from your team who will need access to avoid having to reach out to Support in the future.
  4. Click Submit to send your request to the Video Support team.

You should receive an email from Video Support within 1-2 business days confirming that your new channel has been created along with information and resources related to the type of project you've requested.