Best practices

Best practices for video feedback, including question design, respondent experience, and success criteria, with relevant examples.

Respondents are more likely to leave a video or audio response when they feel encouraged to do so. Consider these best practices when prompting for video feedback.

  • Consider question design and positioning

    • Be open and seek consent.

    • Word the question with video in mind (an existing open text question may not elicit the best video response).

    • Ask questions that are targeted at emotions and encourage as much information/detail as possible.

    • Placement of video in a survey should correlate to the perceived value of it to the program.

  • Think about the respondent experience

    • Offer alternatives to video — free text option or audio-only.

    • Pitch video as an exciting way to talk directly to the brand that is easier for the customer.

    • Always make video optional.

    • Use line breaks and minimize the amount of text used in the survey.

    • Be creative and flexible in where you include various language elements.

    • Place video early in a survey to combat survey fatigue and repetition.

  • Remember the value video brings to your program

    • Video feedback leads to more data for the organization to act on.

    • Video allows the customer to communicate in their preferred method.

    • Video allows customers to tell their entire story! Don't hesitate to prioritize quality video responses over quantity of written responses.

What does success look like?

Establishing the right success criteria upfront is vital to ensure video capture is delivering the outcomes we hope to achieve.

  • Does the technology perform according to expectations (i.e., ease of integration, videos can be recorded, transcripts are looped into Text Analytics)?

  • Does video add to storytelling in the organization?

  • Create one promoter showreel to be shared with the closed loop team to highlight success stories from the frontline.

  • Are the video transcripts longer and indeed richer compared to written responses?

  • Influence a particular stakeholder to make changes to a process by using a customer showreel.

  • Take action off of video feedback by using context from the video to close the loop with an at risk customer.

How to position the Video question

Positioning is crucial to avoid abandonment. A strong positioning statement can encourage customers to leave a video response.

  • Make it personal. Describe it as a direct and exciting way to connect with the company's service, brand, leadership or CEO. This makes customers feel that their individual opinions are being listened to and will help encourage responses.

  • Explain the benefits. Explain why leaving a video response is beneficial for the customer. It's easier for them to provide video feedback and the insights will be used to better their experience.

  • Address privacy concerns. It's important to let the customer know in the positioning that their video will be handled carefully and will never be shared externally, unless consent is clearly given. This can be weaved into privacy language or in the positioning of the video option.

  • Make it fun! Video is new, fun and exciting! These sentiments should be reflected in the tone of the language when we position this to customers.

How to word the question prompt

Question text in the prompt where you ask the customer the question you want answered. Ask the right question to derive meaningful insights

  • Keep it open! You need to be specific, but not too specific. Ask open questions about aspects of the customer experience (i.e., most memorable interaction, how can we improve) and avoid closed-ended questions that elicit 'yes' or 'no' answers.

  • Focus on feelings! Opinions are good, feelings are better! Try and phrase questions in a way that encourages respondents to think out loud and explain how they feel about a particular interaction or experience.

  • Answer a business question! The best questions elicit a response that addresses specific business problems or can be used to influence business outcomes.

Examples: Video question prompts

  • Please describe your reasoning as to why you would recommend Company X or not. Are there any specific reasons or recent interactions behind why you gave this rating?

  • Knowing that your video response will be shared with Company X leadership, what would you like to share with them about your recent experience and the reason for your score? Please be as specific as possible.

  • What did you enjoy or was most beneficial about your most recent experience with Company X? Is there a memorable or specific aspect that brought you joy?

  • What was missing or disappointing in your experience with Company X? Please tell us everything that's on your mind, so that we can improve!

  • What can Company X do to improve your experience? Is there anything specific that would better improve your experience?

  • What did you most enjoy about your interaction with Company X and why? Was there a memorable moment that comes to mind?

  • What are the biggest challenges you are facing as a result of the coronavirus/COVID-19? Is there anything that we can do to help?

Examples: Introduction text

Introduction text optionally helps set the scene for the video collection. It should describe the purpose of the question and what the customer can expect from the experience.

  • Thank you for choosing to share a video recording with us. There is no time limit for this recording. You will have the opportunity to review and re-record the video before submitting it if you like.

  • We're glad you opted in to using your webcam. We find it's easier for you and more informative for us to do this with video feedback. There is no time limit, so feel free to tell us anything you'd like about Company X. You'll have the option to review and re-record before submitting.

  • Sometimes it's a lot easier to just SAY what you think or feel instead of typing it into an answer box, so we'd like you to tell us what you think by recording your response in a video.

  • This survey gives you the chance to share your feedback through video! Your video will be used to help improve Company X's guest experience and in accordance with Company X's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. If you change your mind, you can still type out your response below.

Examples: Instruction text

Instruction prompts optionally tell the respondent how to be most successful when recording the audio or video.

  • To record, select "Record from webcam" below. Once you are done recording, select "Accept Recording" and wait for a notification that your video was "Successfully Uploaded".

  • Please make sure your microphone and camera are turned on and select "Record from webcam". Once you are happy with your recording, click "Accept Recording". Please make sure you wait for a notification that your video was "Successfully Uploaded" before progressing to the next page in the survey.

  • Are we hitting it out of the park or completely missing the mark? Let us know! We would like to hear from you directly via video as it gives you the freedom to think out loud about your experience and we learn much more from a video response.

  • Make sure you are heard! Please find a quiet, well-lit spot and speak clearly so we can hear and see you. Also, be sure to click on "Accept Recording" before proceeding to the next page.

Examples: Consent or disclaimer text

Let the customer know their rights and what you plan to do with the video.

  • By recording a video, you consent that it can be used internally at Company X to help us build better experiences. Your video will not be shared publicly without your consent.

  • This video will be used for Company X's internal purposes only and will not be posted or reproduced in any public forum. By leaving a video you agree to allow us to use the video for internal purpose.

  • By recording a video, you agree that it will become the property of Company X to help us improve. Once it is submitted, it cannot be modified or made public without your consent.

  • I agree my video submittal is subject to Company X's Terms of Use and will be used and stored in accordance with Company X's Privacy Policy. By leaving a video, I agree to allow Company X to use the video for internal purposes only to help build better experiences. This video will never be used publicly and will not be posted or reproduced in any public forum.

  • I agree that my video submittal will be used and stored in accordance with Company X's Privacy Policy. By recording a video, I am agreeing to collection and use of my video feedback. I will not record a video if I do not agree to participate in the vid eo question and would not like to provide video feedback to Company X.

  • By accepting the recording, I am agreeing to Company X's collection and use of my video feedback. I acknowledge that my video will be used and stored in accordance with Company X's Privacy Policy and agree with the terms and conditions of Company X's legal guidelines including the Privacy Policy. I will not accept the recording if I do not agree to participate in the video question and would not like to provide video feedback to Company X. I may still complete the survey, even if I do not wish to provide feedback through a video recording.