Shareable links

Role required: Customer Admin, or Channel Admin or Pro with a Shareable Links Creator Add On role. See Video user roles.

Shareable links allow you to share a Video media file and transcript in a simple web page, regardless of whether the viewer has access to the Video platform. Shareable links are available for video, audio and showreel files. They are not available for image files.

Shareable links are publicly accessible. Medallia recommends not to share outside your organization as the contents may contain sensitive data.

When a shareable link loads in a web browser, it displays:

  • The media file in a media player.
  • The shareable link URL and a Copy button. Viewers can copy to share the link.
  • The date and time the media was uploaded to Video.
  • The spoken language transcript if available for the original media. English translations are not currently available in shareable links.

This is an example of a shareable link loaded in a web browser.

A shareable link webpage

If Full blur is applied to the media in Video, the blurring also appears in the Shareable link. For more information, see Blurring.

Generating a shareable link

There is no limit to the number of shareable links you can generate for any media file.

To generate a shareable link:

Note: To create a shareable link for a showreel, you must first publish the showreel to the channel's Media Library. See Showreels Available actions for details.
  1. Start from the media file's Media View page.
  2. Hover over the media player to extend the right side menu and click Share icon Share.
  3. In the modal window that opens, set when the link will Expire by selecting the number of days the link is active. The default is 30 days and the maximum is 365 days. Hover over the number and toggle to or type in the number of days. See Note below.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. Click Copy icon Copy to copy the link. Video recommends to immediately paste the link as needed.
  6. Click x to close the modal window.

A shareable link set to expire in 1 day will expire 24 hours from the time the link was generated.

Expire date is not editable once you generate the shareable link. Generate a new shareable link for the media once it passes the Expiry date.

Customer Admin users can view and manage all shareable links for a channel via Channel Management. For more information, see Public Links tab.

Troubleshooting shareable links

A shareable link only loads the media and transcripts if they are available in Video. If the link loads an empty video player and no transcript, the media was deleted in Video.

An expired shareable link displays the message This media is no longer accessible.