Getting started

Digital is included with a company's instance of Medallia Experience Cloud. Single Sign-On (SSO) between Medallia Experience Cloud and Digital is based on an email address; if a user is not registered with an email address in Medallia Experience Cloud, SSO between Medallia Experience Cloud and Digital does not work.

Note: Earlier versions of Digital require that you log in using an email address and password that you registered with or that you received from your account administrator. See your Medallia expert for additional information.

Users set up with Digital capabilities and which have access to Medallia Admin Suite see the Digital tile on the Admin Home screen. To open Digital click this icon.

To see the Digital tile on the Admin Home screen, the user must have the Digital Admin permission assigned at the role level and the role with the Digital Admin permission must be the primary role. For instances with active role enabled, the Digital tile appears based on the active role.

To collect feedback from a website using Digital, the user must embed code that references their property. The embed code is unique to the property and is available from the Digital embed code menu item in Digital command center. For more information, see Embedding Digital code on a website.