Hosting the CSS file

The CSS file should be stored in a location that is publicly accessible on the internet using the HTTPS protocol. It can be stored on your corporate web server, a content management system, a content delivery network (CDN), or a storage server like Amazon Web Service Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) or Dropbox.

Part of the Digital service includes use of the Digital CDN where most customers host their CSS file and associated images and font files. The Digital CDN uses the AWS S3, a highly scalable and distributed storage system. The CDN ensures that content is located within your region or as close as possible and has good performance with respect to download times. Contact your Medallia expert to arrange hosting of the CSS file.

All CSS files and related font or image files stored on a Digital CDN must be maintained by your Medallia expert. Files stored on servers not belonging to Medallia are the responsibility of the customer.

To add a custom CSS file, click the Edit Form icon for a specific survey in either card or list view, then click Form Settings in the top right corner of the screen.

Form Settings.

On the Form Design tab, enter the URL location of the CSS file in the Custom CSS field. This is required for each survey to override the default design. Custom CSS field displaying URL location.